With the increasing fuel costs and problems associated with finding a convenient parking space, many individuals have embraced the idea of using a folding bicycle. A folding bike is similar to a convectional bicycle with the folding mechanism being the only distinguishing feature. This allows for convenience in storage and transport.

A folding bike is very convenient and easy to use. With this device, you don’t need a vehicles registration or a license, and there are minimum regulations. You are advised to wear a helmet when using this machine to minimize the chances of injuring yourself. Motorbikes injuries affecting one’s head are very fatal. Besides, the many benefits of the folding bikes, they are also great as far as traffic is concerned. They are also widely used for public transport.

Folding bikes are not created equally. During their design, there could be a compromise between lightness and strength. This can cause problems sometimes.

Important features to look for when purchasing a folding bike

It should be well engineered

Since the folding bikes are to be folded, you must ensure that the hinge mechanisms are well made and sturdy. Bad hinges could make your bike flex, and this could lead to breakage. Steering post should also be checked for quality and rigidity.

 Should be solid

Lightweight materials are used for making expensive bikes thus reducing their weight. Cheaper bikes are made of steel frames. It is the responsibility of all the manufacturers to make their bikes light weight.

Good quality fittings

The folding bike parts such as brakes, gears and wheels are made by the manufacturer. You should check for a certified maker who makes the various parts. Always check for genuine spare parts which are of high quality.

Check the gearing

Different types of folding bikes have a unique set of gears. You should, therefore, check the suitable range that suits you. Avoid riding a bike which is too low or high geared.


The manufacturers of folding bikes try to keep the bike’s weight down by use of smaller parts. That is very fine for those people with a small build, but it is a disadvantage to the tall individuals. Check whether there is a provision of raising the seat post. Similarly, the handlebars should also be raised to a level that makes you comfortable.

For online buying of this product, you should do a thorough research as majority of the manufacturers have websites